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    1628 KJV Bible with genealogies and map, Apocrypha, Prayer Book, Psalter and Historie
Size: octavo, 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2"
Publisher: Bonham Norton and John Bill, London
VERY GOOD condition
Bible is SOLD
An octavo-size, clean COMPLETE King James Holy Bible (printed by Norton and Bill in London) in very usable condition, containing the Old and New Testaments bound together with the Apocrypha, Speed's genealogies plus map, Book of Common Prayer, the Whole Book of Psalms of David, and a RARE additional "the Historie of the Bible". Attractive 19th century (?) covers with professionally restored binding. Complete with both Bible (the General Title and the New Testament) title pages, plus the title page for the Genealogies, the Historie section and the Book of Psalms (so 5 titles are present!, only the title page for the Prayer Book is missing)!
Opens with an incomplete Book of Common Prayer (first pages missing), Psalms with engraving of King David playing his harp. Next the complete "Geneaologies Recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, according to euery Family and Tribe: with the line of ovr Sauiour Iesvs Chrift observed from Adam to the bleffed Virgin Mary by F.S. Cvm Privilegio". The complete 34 page Speed genealogies plus the RARE two page Map of Canaan (and explanation)!
Next: "The Holy Bible. Containing the Old Testament and the Nevv. Newly Tranflated out of the Originall Tongues and with the former Tranflations diligently compared and reuifed by his Maiefties fpeciall Commandement.  Imprinted at London, by Bonham Norton, and John Bill, Printers to the Kings moft Excellent Maiestie. Anno 1628." Separate title page for the New Testament. Contains the complete Apocrypha! Including all the prelim pages and engravings plus colophons. Both titles have an ornament woodcut border. Decorated first chapter initials. Engraving of the Garden of Eden at the beginning of Genesis. Engraving of the apostles at the beginning of Matthew.
Next a rather unique section with its own title page: "the Historie of the Bible, Briefely collected by way of Queftion and Anfwer ... Printed at London by Iohn Legatt ... 1627"

Lastly, also bound with: "The Whole Booke of Psalmes: Collected into Englifh Meeter, by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins, and others: conferred with the Hebrew, with apt Notes to fing them withall. Set forth and allowed to be fung in all Churches, of all the people together, before and after Morning and Euening Prayer..." Printed in 1628 for the Companie of Stationers: London. Complete till psalm 148.

Includes the rare Map of the Holy Land and Description of Canaan.     
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