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    1610 textually Complete Quarto Geneva Bible with Apocrypha and Concordances     
Size: quarto 9 x 7 x 3" 
 Publisher: Robert Barker, London
VERY GOOD  condition
Bible is SOLD
A well preserved, Quarto-size, nicely boundGeneva (Breeches) Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments bound together with the Apocrypha and ("Two right profitable and fruitfull") Concordances.  Printed in 1610 in London by the renowned Robert Barker (the Printer of the King).
Great condition (ready for daily use) binding and brown leather - dry stamped - cover with 4-raised bands (replaced/restored) spine and the gold imprinted text "Holy Bible 1610".
 The Bible starts with the first page of Genesis. The Old Testament text is complete, end with colophon. Next the complete Apocrypha. Next the complete New Testament: NT title page, followed by "summe of the whole Scripture", "certaine queftions and anfweres" and the "names and order of all the bookes" and the complete New Testament text which ends with the colophon on the last page of Revelation. Next, the complete 'two right profitable and fruitfull Concordances' [title page 1608] with the two very extensive alphabets (concordances) ending again with the colophon.
This QUARTO sized Geneva Bible is in an overall VERY GOOD and USABLE condition. Complete Bible text, and complete tables. A total of 2 title pages. Average typical wear, soiling, smaller tears, some tattered edges etc. Smaller damages and repairs throughout. Previous ownership scribbles but not in the Bible text. Fair margins around the pages!
A very solid Geneva Quarto Bible ready to be used as a daily reader!
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