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    1562 Rare, beautifully preserved, folio illustrated Great Bible - COMPLETE Bible text - over 70 engravings, beautiful binding 
Size: FOLIO, 13" x 9" x 3.25" 
Publisher: Richard Harrison, London
Bible is SOLD
A very RARE and remarkable well preserved ILLUSTRATED FOLIO 1562 edition of the Great Bible containing the complete Old Testament, Apocrypha and New Testament! No pages lacking, which is extremely rare to find as usually sections in the front and back are missing.
This Bible is described in Herbert's catalogue as #117 - printed by Richard Harrison. This offering lacks almost all the preliminary leaves as well as the general title. All other titles (four in total are present). It start with a perfectly preserved full page engraving of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with the list of books on verso.
The Bible text is divided into five sections: 1) Pentateuch (5 Books of Moses); 2) Joshua-Job (with title present); 3) Psalter to Malachi (with title present); 4) Apocrypha (with title present) and 5) the New Testament (with Table and large engraved title Anno Do. M.DLXII [1562]). The Bible ends with the dated colophon.
The Bible is printed in Gothic - Black letter font, with 2 columns of 58 lines. Just about all books begin with a woodcut illustration. Some books also have illustrations at other chapters and the book of Revelation has a special series of 20 special cuts as chapter illustrations. Also just about all chapters have engraved woodcut first chapter initials. The pages have large bold printed headers and the leaves are numbered in roman numbers on the right top. Except for the Psalter where the leaves are number by a count of Days.
The Great Bible was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was so called due to Sir Thomas Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General requiring the clergy to "set up the Holy Bible of the largest volume in every church so that parishioners may read it".  Hence it has often been referred to as Cromwell's Bible. This was the first and only truly "Authorised Version" and was commonly chained to the pulpit in the churches. It remained the official bible for the Church of England for the the period from 1538 till the publication of the Bishop's Bible in 1568.
This 1562 edition was the FIRST AUTHORIZED printing after the accession of Elizabeth I and was issued to refocus the Church of England to the Great Bible as the preferred Scripture.
The Great Bible's New Testament is basically William Tyndale's translation. The Old Testament and the Apocrypha were translated by Myles Coverdale, under the supervision of Thomas Cromwell.
This Bible has amazing PROVENANCE as it belonged to (the family of) the Right Reverend Robert Skinner. Bishop of Bristol. There is extensive documentation in the front of the Bible, including: 'This Volume "The Bible Cranmer Harrison 1562" belonged to the family of the Right Reverend Robert Skynner...Bishop of Bristol, Oxford... He was the LAST Bishop appointed by Charles I. While Bishop of Oxford he joined with 11 of his brethren in a protest against the proceedings of the Parliament in consequence of which he was committed to the Tower. He alone of all the Bishops remained in his Diocese during the troublesome time of the commonwealth, reading every Sunday...preaching and confirming children and ordaining such as would accept orders in a ruined Church, so as to have men to fill the pulpits, when, as he always believed a "restoration" would take place; and indeed when he died in 1670 ten years after the Restoration of Charles II, he had ordained more priests than all the surviving Bishops put together. He was buried in Worcester Cathedral.'

VERY GOOD+ and WELL PRESERVED condition: Bible with woodcut devices and initials, in English, with illustrated scenes at the beginning of most books; printed in two columns with frequent notes and marginal commentary, as shown throughout. Strong English style binding with gold gauffered/decorated page edges. Extensive provenance on the blank pages in the front. Complete Bible text. Various smudges and some discoloring throughout. Large margins around the text. Some damages on the pages in the front and back. See the 90+ pictures below!
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