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    1619 VINTAGE complete Quarto King James Bible, with Apocrypha, Concordances, Psalms and Genealogies 
Size: quarto 9 x 7 x 3.25" 
Publisher: Bonham Norton and John Bill, London
VERY GOOD condition                         
Bible is SOLD
Rebound in antiquarian quality - a truly COMPLETE  - VERY EARLY - quarto black letter edition of the King James Holy Bible, loaded with all the extra books: Apocrypha, Speed's genealogies, extensive tables/concordances and a (rare complete) Psalter, all in fabulous quality binding! This is Herbert 367.
A vintage COMPLETE (!!) King James 1619 Bible, beautifully well preserved over almost 4 centuries in Roman font, printed in 2 columns. Title: "The Holy Bible, containing the Old Teftament, and the New: Newly Tranflated out of the Originall Tongues: And with the former tranflations diligently compared and revifed, By his Majefties fpeciall commandement, Imprinted at London By Bonham Norton and John Bill, Printesr to the Kings moft Excellent Maieftie. M.DC.XIX." Both this general title page as the New Testament title page (dated 1619) is a woodcut-engraved title with words in a sort of heart shape in the center; woodcuts depict 12 tribes of Israel and 12 disciples. This Bible is COMPLETE, including all preliminary leaves (title page, dedication, preface, list of books).
It also has the complete (34 page) genealogies with separate title page, the complete Apocrypha, the (very extensive) Concordances (with title page) and the "Booke of Psalmes" (with title page, "Company of Stationers, 1619", with musical bars (all Psalms present). So a total of FIVE (!!) title pages. Various decorated first chapter capitals, colophons and other engravings.
Astoundingly rebound in the best possible quality and craftsmanship!
This QUARTO sized King James Bible is in an overall VERY GOOD+ condition. Complete Bible with all title pages. This Bible has clearly been very well cared for and is remarkable pristine condition. The binding is in excellent condition.  AMAZING paper quality! The (cotton based) paper is remarkable crisp, clean, no tears, no rips. Nice, clean and wide margins around all text. Small cut in the corner of Genesis 1. Occasional cutting into the upper headers. A section of 1 Kings 5 - II kings 18 is misbound at 1 Kings 14. Few rough edges and smaller repairs in the front and in the back (see pictures below)
A BEAUTIFUL quarto ROMAN FONT King James Bible!
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