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    1613 Amazing Large Folio VERY EARLY King James Bible with the engraved Genealogies and the Apocrypha - rare complete Bible text and prelims!
Size: large folio, 16.5" x 11.5" x 3.75"
Publisher: Robert Barker, London
VERY GOOD+  condition
Bible is SOLD
An amazing and well preserved copy of one of first and earliest FOLIO King James Bibles.  "The true 1613 folio edition of the King James' Bible; easily distinguishable from the other large folio editions by its smaller type....the text is printed with 72 instead of 59 lines to the full column." (this is Herbert's number 322)
The Bible is ALL COMPLETE from Genesis to Revelation with Apocrypha and the COMPLETE preliminaries - only the General Title is lacking - all Bible text pages are present (very rare as most of the time some pages at the beginning and especially the end are lacking). It is also bound with the beautifully engraved Genealogies by John Speed (with title page) showing an engraved overview from the descent from Christ al the way back to Adam.
The Bible is still with its ORIGINAL LEATHER covers and spine! It has a six-band raised spine with a black label 'Holy Bible' and gold lettered 'Barker 1613'.
 The Bible is - apart from the general title page - complete: it l starts with the Dedication and the Preface, followed by the complete Kalendar (the leaf with Jul-Aug is loose). An Almanacke and "the Names and Order of all Bookes".   Next the Speed's Genealogies (with title, includes all 34 pages), Next the complete Old Testament, the Apocrypha and the complete New Testament (including Title Page!) ending with the last page of Revelation and the colophon
Per the (New Testament) title page: "The NEWE Teftament of our Lord and Sauiour Jesvs Christ. Newly Tranflated out of the Originall Greeke: And with the former Tranflations diligently compared and reuifed, By his Maiesfties fpeciall Commandement. Appointed to be read in Churches. IMPRINTED at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings moft excellent Maieftie. Anno-Dom. 1613."
The amazingly beautiful woodcut (in excellent condition) shows above - the secret for the Lord, the Agnus Dei and the Holy Dove and the gospel writers Matthew and Mark; on the left side - the tents of the twelve tribes; on the right side - the twelve Apostles; and below - the Lamb slained, and the gospel writers Luke and John; at the bottom is a table bearing the words "Cum Privilegio".
Throughout are various head-pieces, vignettes and ornamental initials.
This amazing antique treasure is in a overall VERY GOOD+ condition. Binding is solid, opens and reads like a regular book and is ready for even daily reading. The is a little tear of the leather on top of the spine not affecting the binding (see one of the pictures). Leaves in overall VERY GOOD+ condition, some typical stains, The first8 preliminary leaves have some edges lacking/damages not affecting the text (see pics), a few occasional tears etc. LARGE margins, The pages themselves are 16" tall with 1" margin to the base! Generally EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN Bible text pages with few occasional smudges. See the 70+ pictures!
All in all a remarkable 1613 large folio KJV for daily use, family treasure, collection or even a museum!
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