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     1885 Extensively (Dore) Illustrated Parallel Family Bible, with unmarked family pages and closing clasps
Size: 12" x 10" x 5.5"
Publisher: Gately & Co - AJ Holman, Bostona

Bible is SOLD
In a remarkable preserved condition: an extensively (some color) illustrated and comprehensive edition of a Family Holy Bible in Parallel Presentation, including numerous full page Gustave Dore engravings (different galleries), astounding chromolithographs (color engravings) and color maps. This gorgeous Family Bible has intricate gold-embedded decorated covers (depicting scenes of the Bible, including the Nativity) and spine, all with the gold-letter text "Holy Bible", "The Parallel Bible" and "The Old and New versions in Parallel Columns .... 2500 illustrations". Gold gilt pages and closing clasps. The Bible text is BOTH the King James AND the Revised Version (of 1881) for the Old and New Testament presented in parallel columns to allow for easier comparison.
 Additionally there are extensive other resources included, like: the Apocrypha, A Complete History of Each Book of the Bible; Cities of the Bible with Descriptive Scenes and Events in Palestine; Parables of our Lord; Life of Christ; Lives of the Apostles and Evangelists; Historical Illustrations of Bible Texts; Concise History of All Religious Denominations; Four Thousand Questions and Answers; Psalms In Metre;  Indices and tables; and so on (see pictures).... ALSO: the parables of Jesus with beautiful color lithographs, an illustrated Comprehensive Bible Dictionary, and a complete Cruden's Concordance! "The whole embellished with Magnificent Illustrative Engravings on Steel, Wood and in Colors"
Blank presentation page in the front. Between the Old and New Testament are the blank Holy Matrimony page and pages for recording births, deaths and marriages.
This Bible is in a VERY GOOD and DAILY USABLE condition. The Bible's binding, spine and cover have been VERY professionally (antiquarian quality) restored and this Bible can be used without any concerns. Complete Bible. Typical wear for its age. Some minor scruffs and smaller damages to the covers and spine. Original unmarked marriage certificate and family pages.
A stunning unmarked antique Family Holy Bible!
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